Chandrarang Charitable Trust supports youth for entrepreneurship!

Maintain integrity and honesty in business

Trust Secretary Vijay Jagtap guided the youth

Pimpri : Great business can’t be built overnight. One has to work hard and be consistent to make a business grow. No day is like another during this journey of entrepreneurship. Overcoming failure without being exhausted and continuing sincere efforts while carrying on the business with integrity is the key. Vijay Jagtap, Secretary of Chandrarang Charitable Trust uttered these valuable words while guiding the youth and said that successful entrepreneurs are created only through such struggle.

Chandrarang Charitable Trust is a renowned charitable organization in the city. It conducts health camps, provides assistance for self-employment for youth, aid to give scholastic material for students and organizes many of such activities. This time the trust has provided Sachin Yede, Swati Raut, Dilip Khandare, Akhil Chinchwade with Anda-bhurjee cart. These carts were distributed by Vijay Jagtap, Secretary of the trust at Pimple Gurav.

Amol Undre, Treasurer of Chandrarang Charitable Trust, N.AC.C. Coordinator and General Manager of Venkeys Prasanna Pedgaonkar, Manish Kulkarni, Yogesh Chinchwade, Deepak Bhondve, Somnath Bhondve, Anurag Chinchwade, Bhushan Chinchwade, Saurabh Gawde, Rahul Chinchwade, Siddharth Shelar, Kunal Bhondve, Vicky Gaikwad, Dinesh Kanetkar were present on the occasion.

Vijay Jagtap said that Central Government under the guidance of Hon. Prime Minister Narendraji Modi is continuously striving for providing self-employment to the youth. Also various schemes are introduced for the same by central government. We too, should take inspiration from this, and make self-employment available to the youth. This activity was undertaken to achieve this purpose. It is believed that if one family starts a business, other youths will also get inspired and are likely to enter into business.

Marathi youth should enter into businesses. New ideas should be continuously brought and implemented while doing the business to grow. This takes the business towards success. One person can support an entire family through his business. No business grows and gets big overnight. If they work hard and consistently, one day these young people can definitely become proud entrepreneurs.
– Vijay Jagtap, Secretary, Chandrarang Charitable Trust.

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