Removes of electricity problem in the Moshi area

22 KV high powered vans operated
Successful follow-up of MLA Mahesh Landge

Bhosari: On behalf of Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company (MSEDCL), 22 KV high-speed electricity wire Moshi village were implemented. Hence, electricity problems in the Moshi area will be detected, “said MLA Mahesh Landge.
Mahavitaran, Bhosari division on Wednesday inaugurated new electricity vigilance by MLA Landge. Mahavitaran Ganeshkhind Board superintendent engineer Mahendra Divekar, executive engineer of Bhosari division Sunil Shinde, Avinash Gadivar, corporator Kundan Gaikwad, Nitin Borhade and others were present on the occasion.
Small business owners, businessmen, shopkeepers and general public in Bhosari assembly constituency are facing power problems. Therefore, such instructions were given by MLA Landge to make effective measures to help the MSEDCL. Also, a meeting of officials of the concerned department was held in the presence of state’s energy and unconventional minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule and Guardian Minister Girish Bapat of Pune district. Accordingly, the operation of the Mahavitaran administration has started.
Meanwhile, the work of 22 KV high-speed electricity stations in Moshi village was completed. This has given relief to the residents of the area. This power station will be able to fulfill the demand of the residents who are in power in the area. It will be possible to repair and repair the power channel by repairing the damaged parts of the same electricity channel. Similarly, due to the length and load of 22 KV Rajgurunagar channel, the transmission of electricity will reduce the quantity of electricity. About 10 thousand electricity consumers who remain in it will get uninterrupted power.
Next 15 to 20 years planning…
MLA Landge said that, 22 KV underground electricity channels have been placed in the high pressure sub station, Bhosari-II, at Moshi village. This will reduce the number of power breakdowns. Nearly 15 thousand electricity consumers, such as Moti Gaon, Dudulgaon, Sector 4, 6, 9 and 10, Gandharvanagari, Khandesh Nagar, Vinayak Nagar and Boradewadi, have been reassured. Future power connections, residential complexes and other electricity demand will be fulfilled. In the next 15 to 20 years, planning has been done in such a way, considering the rising power consumers. It is expected that the power supply will get better service than before.

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