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Corporators workshop for development works!

  • Suggestion of MLA Mahesh Landge
  • The meeting of supporters of corporators

Pimpri: Bhosari assembly will work effectively to guide various pending development works in the constituency. People should reach ‘Vhijan’ of the development of the Bharatiya Janata Party. People should see changes. the suggestions of MLA Mahesh Landge gave supporters to corporators.
A meeting was held in the office of Municipal Sports Committee chairperson Laxman Saste. This time they were talking. 25 to 27 corporators from Bhosari were present in this meeting. At this time, corporators presented the problems faced by the municipal corporation before the MLAs.
MLA Landge said that the power in the municipal corporation took three months. The budget of the corporation has also been announced. So, now the must start working and then work hard. People should understand the BJP and its people. The numbers have given us the strength to vote. Every councilor should be aware of this. As long as you do not do the work of people, everyone should take care that their image will not be created among the people. There is a budget provision for development work in our area. What is the status of those development works? What is the role of local people while taking up any project? How is the administrative system working? If an officer is delaying development work, I myself take a meeting with the municipal commissioner and the concerned officials. However, people’s activities should be started. MLA Landge has warned that there will be no reason for this.

Discipline lessons given to corporators …
MLA Mahesh Landge took some aggressive roles about the meeting at Moshi. All the corporators of the meeting had been given mobile phones at the entrance. Only full time development works and party policy were discussed. Speaking at the municipal auditorium should be spoken only. Participate in important discussions in the House. Please understand the information about each project from all the departmental authorities. Corporators should be careful not to reduce the representation of the division in the hall. People should get rid of the questions. Do the work through Mayor Nitin Kalge and Standing Committee. MLA Landge has appealed to the citizens not to let the faith down.

Keep in mind that you are in power …
Mid-term election clouds in the state have become dark. We are in power in the municipal and state. Its corporators should keep the awareness. Corporators should not comment on any issue as opposed to us. It is your responsibility to make development works. I have elected the people independently. I will not let the general public’s faith go away. It was not easy for the BJP to get success in the Bhosari assembly constituency, which included rural areas in the municipal elections. But, people with big faith have given BJP and you have the opportunity. Do not forget to forget about your gold necklace, such suggestions have also been issued by MLA Landge.

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